Parent Committee

Welcome to the Parents’ Committee at Al Mawahib British Private School (AMBPS), a dynamic team of passionate parents ready to enrich the school community. The AMBPS Parents’ Committee is committed to fostering a positive, supportive, and inclusive environment for all by organising engaging events.
These events held throughout the academic year include:

1. Parent Coffee Mornings:
Start your day with us, connecting over a cup of coffee, sharing
experiences, and building friendships within the AMBPS community.

2. Cultural Celebrations:
Embrace diversity and various cultural celebrations with students
to enhance the community and create lasting memories.

3. Social Media Interactions:
Stay connected and contribute to the vibrant virtual community, where parents can share, engage, and support each other.

4. Community & Service Events:
Participate in and contribute to impactful community and service events, raising awareness about specific issues and giving back to the community.

The Parents’ Committee at AMBPS invites you to become a valued member of our dedicated team. Your involvement will undoubtedly elevate the spirit of these occasions. Join us in creating a vibrant and supportive community at Al Mawahib British Private School.


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