Primary School

Al Mawahib British PVT. School (AMBPS) stands out as the ideal choice for international students in the UAE. Accessible to all residents in the heart of Sharjah, it is dedicated to uplifting students’ education in the UAE and nurturing their personalities comprehensively.

The school combines the highest standards of education with Islamic values, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.
Our commitment lies in creating an inclusive environment that fosters growth in every aspect of a student’s life.

Explore the Primary Curriculum at AMBPS

Our primary curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive educational experience for our young learners. Each subject is carefully crafted to enhance students’ development from various perspectives.


Students hone their skills by delving into both fiction and non-fiction texts, cultivating a deep understanding of literary elements and diverse writing styles.


Through exploration of numbers and patterns, students develop problem solving skills, logical reasoning, and a robust foundation in various mathematical concepts.


A vibrant outlet for self-expression. Through various mediums like painting, drawing, music, and more, students explore and communicate their individuality.


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